Adayamba Bwanji


Dan Mpeleka


Featuring success stories of people in various fields that would inspire others who are losing hope in their lives.

Bwalo la Amai

Agnes Masumba

A discussion formatted program that explores the roles that women play in society and looks into the challenges they encounter; sharing ways of dealing with such challenges in their daily lives.

Ulimi Waphindu

Aubrey Kuyere

Engaging small-scale and large-scale farmers and agriculture experts in discussion and information sharing to promote secure livelihoods and food security.

Moyo wa M’banja

Agnes Masumba

Intended to achieve responsible parenthood in families that uphold Christian values and respect the rights of all family members, including the extended family.


Moses Kaufa

Investigating and discussing issues of public interest to bring to light abuse of public resources, negligence of public office bearers, injustices and public office incompetence on camera.

Zachilengedwe (Environment)

Moses Kaufa

Exposing the treasure hidden in nature, the need for everyone to realize their role in preserving it; and advocating for proper usage of natural resources.

Bwalo la Achinyamata

Felix Misomali

Interacting with the youth to rediscover and share potentials of the youth in socioeconomic development without losing their Christian identity and values.

Atumiki a muMpingo

Jailos Mpina,


Awakening in the hearts of young people the desire
to be witnesses of Christ  in the world of today to the vocation of ordained ministry and the consecrated life


Iness Chilangwe

Sharing answers to the most common home management questions; and discussing how to avoid making mistakes in the kitchen with great cooking tips and recipes.

Ukwati Woyera

Christopher Tung’ande

Congratulations if you just got engaged or married, but here is everything you need to plan for a better day or a perfect next life. The program features wedding ceremonies and provides a forum for sharing experiences of couples.


Iness Chilangwe

Sharing business ideas and trends. Featuring business pacesetters, who organize, mange and assume risks of a business enterprise. Sharing news, expert advice and growth strategies for small businesses.


Moses Kaufa

Gospel music show every Sunday featuring gospel music videos, artists and groups, gospel music news and discussions on related topics.


Andrew Nandolo

Hosting communities and experts from health and medical fields in discussions on broad range of health related topics. The program provides the viewer with current and valuable information on how to improve their health and well being.


Dan Mpeleka

Digging to the roots of what we think we know and what we have never known; the world of arts, antiques and collections of fascinating stories.


Mphatso Jezman

Arts and Culture discussion. Cultural commentaries attracting attention with exhilarating depictions and fusions of the past and present lives.


Agnes Masumba

Featuring initiatives, stories and experiences from victims and other stakeholders that would facilitate restoration of hope in orphans, child-headed families, single parents and people with and affected by chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS.

Udindo wathu

Dan Mpeleka

Promoting participatory democracy and accountability of all citizens in socioeconomic development of Malawi.


Victoria Kalaundi

evaluating the progress of education in the country. Issues discussed in the program  gives all the citizens of Malawi room to participate in the exercise of promoting education in their communities. The program also emphasize on how to promote girl child education and how to empower the girls for them to realize their dreams. Education is a key to a successful nation.

Contemporary Gospel Music

Dan Mpeleka &

Victoria Kalaundi

Gospel songs for relaxation and spiritual reflection.


Benson Mkwapatira

Featuring a variety of local games, guests( players, coaches, officials and administrators), fixtures and results of games and more discussions (panel and phone-in).

Kauniuni wa Zisankho (Election Media Monitor)

Christopher Tung’ande &

Moses Kaufa

Monitoring and discussing issues covered through various media outlets live with viewers through phone-ins to ensure that adequate information is available and that there is fair preparation of voters and other stakeholders ahead of the forthcoming tripartite elections.


Christopher Tung'ande &

Kiswell Mandala

Interacting with our audiences at lunch time. It provides an open forum for discussing issues of public interest.


Kiswell Mandala

Civic education through drama.

Children’s Corner

Gloria Chilembwe

Promoting children’s rights through open forum discussions on issues affecting them, entertaining activities and other related activities that would enable them reach their full potential.

Catholic Seasons

Jailos Mpina,smm

Illustrating the truth, goodness, and beauty of Catholicism in a cinematography experience. The program also provides historicity of each season and soul searching prayers. Join us during the seasons – Advent, Lenten, Novena, Rosary etc.

Kugawana Mau Mulungu

Jailos Mpina,smm

Preaching the Word of God by following Catholic hermeneutic and exegesis principles, and  guided by the Holy Spirit to enrich and empower both  Christians and  non-Christians for salvation of souls. Various preachers are involved in the program.

Aluso a Wailesi zaKatolika

Andrew Nandolo

Get to know and be inspired by your media personnel in the Catholic Media Institutions

Social Teaching

Simon Pindulani & Onani Bokosi

The Church's Social teaching is a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society. The program vivify the Modern Catholic social teaching articulated in Papal, Conciliar and Episcopal documents.


Simon Pindulani

Educating and imparting the essential and fundamental contents of Catholic doctrine to children, in an organic and systematic way. It promotes Christian values.

Katekisimu wa Katolika


Ines Chilangwe/ Christopher Tung'ande

Promoting Christian values: The desire for God, dignity of human person, the common good, moral law, virtues, etc. It also tackles sacramental life of the Church.

Entertaining audiences through music by comparing albums of the same musician at a time.