Balaka Catholic Women Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style

As Malawians were celebrating and appreciating the lives of their mothers on mother’s day which falls on October 15, Catholic women from St. Louis Montfort, Balaka Parish received a treat from their children. The women travelled to Andrews Hotel in Mangochi where they had fun in the beautiful waters of Lake Malawi.

Esther Chimema Chitseka is the chair lady of Catholic women of Balaka Parish and speaking to Luntha Television, she said that, they thank God for making them mothers and giving them children.

“It’s a good thing that we are mothers; we thank God for this as such we have started with a thanksgiving mass at Balaka Parish. The trip to the lake was sponsored by our dear children who thought it wise that this year we should go to the lake after all we stay far from the lake,” Chitseka said with a smile.

The Catholic women of Balaka sung throughout the journey and some of them danced. The song that was dominant throughout the journey was, “Tidzichepetse ngati mwana” (we should humble ourselves like a child). Many of the women are looking forward to next year’s mother’s day.

By Victoria Kalaundi