Christian Youths Drilled in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Christian youths in the East African region are expected to share knowledge and skills in a week-long innovation and entrepreneurship training workshop currently underway in Lilongwe.

The East African Regional Leaders’ Training Workshop organized by the International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW) is being centered on the theme of building the future of young people through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Upon the mass for opening of the youth event on Sunday, Bishop Chairperson for the Pastoral Commission who is also Bishop for Mangochi Diocese, Bishop Montfort Stima encouraged the delegates to venture into entrepreneurship in this era of high levels of unemployment.

“The church is aware of challenges the youth are facing in the country and am glad that the Young Christian Workers in Malawi are hosting this event for the young Christians to benefit,” noted Bishop Stima.

Bishop Stima also added that he hopes the youths will learn to stay and work with the church mostly when they start working or change their lifestyles.
Making his opening speech for the week’s sessions on Monday morning, president of the ICYCW, Berhanu Sinamo Deboch highlighted that the main aim of the worksop is to develop solidarity of young people in the region and to support them build their capacity.

Deboch also notes that this is a follow up international workshop to the one that took place in South Korea in 2016.

“We have a plan and a procedure to make follow ups where we work with the national movement and the grassroots hence after this workshop, we will see to it that the outcomes are implemented,” added Deboch on expectations from the workshop.

Also weighing in his views, on the training workshop is Emmanuel Chimombo Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in East Africa (AMECEA) Regional Coordinator, who believes young people have the potential of making a better living through innovation and entrepreneurship as they refrain from relying a lot on white collar jobs.

The training workshop has brought together young people and chaplains from Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia youths and Young Christian Workers and it is taking place in Lilongwe’s Our Lady of Africa Conference Centre with YCW Malawi hosting the delegates.